Surveillance Pro

Drive Class: Surveillance Pro

Hard drive manufacturers design drives that will perform well for their largest customers, or sets of customers. This is why “classes” of drives exist.

Design Expectations:

The information below is a high-level set of expectations the drive manufacturers have when designing, testing and selling “Surveillance Pro” drives.

  • Power On Hours
  • Write / Read Ratio
  • Block Sizes
  • Seek Profile
  • Surveillance Pro
  • 24 hrs/7 days (8760 POH)
  • 90/10
  • Random
  • RAID Striped w/Parity

Design Details:

In the early HDD based surveillance recording devices, analog cameras with low resolution ruled. In today’s high bandwidth NVR’s, with their high resolution, high camera counts and RAID enabled file systems, an Enterprise drive has been the best choice. Selected for its robustness and several key hardware features, such as fixed shaft spindle motors and hardware rotational vibration sensors, the Enterprise class drives have been needed in these high capability systems. But what about that custom firmware tuning for video stream recognition, and the market’s tolerance for cost? Is Mainstream Enterprise the only option?

Enter Surveillance Pro class drives. These brand new models are the drive industry’s answer to the call for a hybrid drive that features the hardware necessary to survive in a high density, Enterprise IT-like chassis, but still tuned and designed exclusively for the AV/Surveillance industry. These unique models offer the best overall combination of hardware, firmware, factory screening, and cost optimization for the high end Surveillance NVR system.

  • Production Screening?
  • Rated for 24/7 Use?
  • Fixed Shaft Spindle?
  • RV Feed Forward Sensors?
  • Time Limited Retry Tables?
  • Workload Rating
  • Firmware Tuning
  • Performance Capabilities
  • Reliability Ratings
  • Cost
  • Surveillance Pro
  • YES
  • YES
  • YES
  • YES
  • YES
  • VIDEO with RAID
  • HIGH