AV/Surveillance drives versus Desktop drives

With higher reliability specifications, AV/Surveillance drives are designed and tested to perform better than desktop drives in DVR’s.  They also deliver smoother video, with fewer dropped frames, since the drive is designed solely for this unique task.


  1. AV/Surveillance drives are Quality Screened.
    All hard drive companies have quality screening processes which allow them to take a base drive model and separate the drives by projected quality and reliability. Only drives scoring well for large, sequential transfers can become AV/Surveillance drives. Drives not making the cut are configured as “Desktop” (sold into: distribution, consumer retail, and into branded external drives).
  2. AV/Surveillance drives have a 35%+ better reliability specification.
    The AV/Surveillance drive reliability specification is 1 million hours MTBF whereas desktop drives are typically rated at 600,000-750,000 hours.
  3. AV/Surveillance drives are designed for 24/7 duty.
    Desktop drives are designed for “9 to 5” type computing, and not designed or rated for 24 hour use.
  4. AV/Surveillance drives have features, settings and firmware designed specifically to record and playback multiple video streams. 
    Firmware is the “operating system” within the drive. Hard drive companies have worked for years to tune their drives for the best reliability and performance in consumer DVR and surveillance DVR/NVR systems.
  5. AV/Surveillance drives have longer warranty coverage than standard, “desktop” drives.
    AV/Surveillance drives carry a 3 year manufacturer warranty.

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