Your System

The hard drive industry has enabled many digital applications to succeed, due to ever increasing storage capacities, improved reliability and performance, continually decreasing cost per gigabyte, and perpetual development to “tune” drives to perform in evolving use cases. Since we have spent our careers in the industry, we have seen all the mainstream applications that use drives and we understand what each application needs from the drive to perform to expectations, given the budget. We have put together content on some of the most common applications that benefit from using “industrial” grade or specific use case drives.

Click on the link for your system to learn about the unique stresses it puts on hard drives, as well as what classes of hard drives are best suited to offer the best combination of reliability, performance and cost. To learn more about key stresses on drives, their effects, and solutions from the hard drive industry, see Stressors for Hard Drives.

We hope you find this information useful. Our mission is to help businesses that integrate hard drives by optimizing their drive business, and serving as their hard drive expert.