Enterprise Storage / Server / Appliance

Enterprise storage systems, enterprise class servers, and industrial grade (data processing) appliances are all systems with very specific demands on their storage. Speed and reliability are usually paramount, but also interface, form factor and sometimes even power profile can come into play. Mainstream and Performance Enterprise class drives are usually required for these systems.


Unique Enterprise Storage / Server / Appliance challenges for drives:

  • Use of RAID technology
  • 24/7 operation
  • Multiple drives in one chassis
  • High I/O (input/output)
  • Very high performance and reliability expectations

Enabling features of Mainstream Enterprise drives:

  • 24/7 rated drive platform
  • Custom, adaptive tuning
  • Custom, factory screening
  • Enhanced recording platform
  • RV feed forward sensors
  • Fixed shaft motor

Enabling features of Performance Enterprise drives:

  • All the Mainstream Enterprise drive features plus
  • Even more robust componentry
  • Higher spin rates that translate to faster I/O and data transfer rates


System builders, integrators and OEM’s in this space need a drive with the right features to enable their system to perform as promised. HDSTOR personnel have helped many of the largest system manufacturers get the most out of the hard drives in their systems. If this is your business, let us be your hard drive expert.