Industrial and Ruggedized

Today, computing is all around us. There are purpose-built computer systems in cars, factories, transportation systems – the applications for computer systems that help us become more efficient just keeps growing. Often the digital storage in these systems does not need to be vast, as with video capture, but it does need to be extremely reliable in industrial and ruggedized applications.


Unique Industrial and Ruggedized challenges for drives:

  • 24/7 operation
  • Temperature extremes
  • High shock and vibration
  • Very high reliability expectations

Enabling features of Ruggedized (automotive) drives*:

  • 24/7 rated drive platform
  • Tougher spindle motor
  • Additional capacitance in circuitry
  • Wider PCBA traces
  • Lower data density on the disks

Enabling features of “enterprise” solid state drives:

  • High and low temperature tolerance
  • Shock and vibration tolerance


System builders, integrators and OEM’s in this space need a drive with the right features to enable their system to perform as promised. HDSTOR personnel have helped many of the largest system manufacturers get the most out of the hard drives in their systems. If this is your business, let us be your hard drive expert.


*Ruggedized, or “automotive” hard drives are typically only available on a direct basis from the manufacturers, and requires a large and long term commitment to purchase.