Video Editing

Computer systems designed for video editing need speed and data protection.  With tight deadlines, editing professionals needs lots of processing power to enable speed when working with files.  They also need very fast data transfers of very large files so they can keep working.  This is achieved by using fast drives, and also using RAID technology which can greatly increase the data transfer rates since the data can get striped to or from multiple drives at a time.  Using RAID also protects their hard work from hard drive failure.

This tough duty used to be the domain for Mainstream and Performance Enterprise class drives only, and there are still high end systems that use enterprise drives to create and edit digital video.  However, most smaller systems (8 drives or less per chassis) are now using Performance Desktop drives, as the costs are much lower, the transfer speeds are usually acceptable and increase with each generation, and the reliability of enterprise drives is often not needed since no data is lost since RAID is used, and spare drives are kept on hand for quick swaps of failed drives.  If the budget allows, consumer grade solid state drives are the best choice given their high data transfer rates.

Unique Video Editing challenges for drives:

  • Unpredictable drive count per system
  • Very high data rates expected
  • Use of RAID 5 and above

Enabling features of Performance Desktop drives:

  • High spin rate (7200rpm or higher)
  • Tuned for speed in computing environments
  • Custom, factory screening
  • Longer warranty
  • Speed, in case of solid state drives

Enabling features of Mainstream Enterprise drives:

  • 24/7 rated drive platform
  • Custom, adaptive tuning
  • Custom, factory screening
  • Enhanced recording platform
  • RV feed forward sensors
  • Fixed shaft motor

The Video Editing industry not only needs speed and data protection, but also consistent supply of reasonably reliable drives.

HDSTOR can help you create or maintain your video editing systems by optimizing your hard drive business.