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The only distributor with hard drive engineering expertise

Because internal hard drives are components inside systems, most technical support for hard drive related issues is delivered through the system manufacturer (or its selling partner). However, hard drive manufacturers provide quite a bit of service and technical information, as well as a community forum, via their websites and tech support call centers. This web and call center support is provided, given the volume and profit margin of the business, in a “low-touch” manner to help technical end users, service providers, integrators, system builders, and small and mid-size OEM’s (as measured by how many hard drives are purchased).

The hard drive manufacturers also provide “high-touch,” custom service through their direct sales, marketing and engineering teams, but only to their largest customers. This is just a reality of the business, given the massive unit volume of hard drives and the high cost of experienced engineers and business people. HDSTOR’s mission is to help the majority of businesses buying hard drives that do not have access to the level of service the largest customers enjoy.

We accomplish our mission in two ways. First, all of our account managers are hard drive experts – they have been in the business for many years. Our account managers’ experience helps them quickly optimize our customers’ hard drive business. Their experience also helps them recognize when to offer our no-cost Engineering Services. This is the second way we fulfill our mission – by offering manufacturer-level engineering support.

HDSTOR is the only distributor of hard drives – as far as we know – with hard drive engineering expertise. Our Director of Engineering Service, Alan Nagl, has over 30 years of hard drive engineering experience that enables HDSTOR to provide significant value to customers. In some cases, we even have the opportunity to evaluate the inherent reliability of our customers’ product designs and arrange for the hard drive manufacturer to evaluate it in the lab. We are also standing by to help our customers find and fix system reliability or performance issues that involve the hard drive(s). This comprehensive product support helps our customers create and maintain reliable, high performance products, which in turn leads to higher profit and growth.

You have a choice when it comes to your hard drive supplier. We offer true partnership – helping you succeed – in exchange for your business. And the best part – it costs you nothing. Because of our streamlined business model, we are able to provide this value at market-competitive prices.

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