Let us earn your trust

The largest U.S. distributor of hard drives to the video security industry

Most distributors and resellers of hard drives are businesses that offer a large choice of computer-related components to their customers. They are therefore, almost always, not very knowledgeable about the components they sell. We, on the other hand, are experts on what we sell because 95% of our business is hard drives, and because we have spent our careers in the hard drive industry.

From our inception, we have also been very focused on supporting the security industry. Most of the drives we sell today are being used in video security and surveillance systems. Our SVP of Sales & Marketing, Marc Cisneros, played a key role in bringing “purpose-built” hard drives to the security industry in 2006, and has been supporting the industry ever since. We are all hard drive experts, and have built a business earning the trust of the security industry and the hard drive manufacturers. We have a deep understanding of both industries. “Focus” is firmly embedded in our business model, and it has paid off – we believe we are the largest supplier of hard drives, by far, to the video security industry.*

We want to earn your trust, by optimizing your hard drive business and by being your hard drive expert. We will continue to invest in and support the security industry, and we are now offering our focused, value-add service to customers in other industries that want to optimize their hard drive business.

You have a choice when it comes to your hard drive supplier. We offer true partnership – helping you succeed – in exchange for your business. And the best part – it costs you nothing. Because of our streamlined business model, we are able to provide this value at market-competitive prices.

Contact us today and let’s get started!

*(USA market)