Return for Credit Program

Hard drives have incredibly low failure rates, despite faithfully storing and retrieving data day after day, year after year. For example, AV/Surveillance-class drives have a specified Annual Failure Rate (AFR) of only 1%.

However, if you are a system manufacturer or integrator using drives in your systems, you still want to minimize failures to the extent your pricing model allows. Our mission is to help you do this. We help you choose the best drive model, if you don’t already have it, and then provide engineering support for your drives and your systems, so that you get the maximum reliability out of every system you deploy. This means less returns and more happy customers.

But if you are an experienced system manufacturer, you know that even though drive failures can be minimized, they still happen, and the more you grow, the more systems with hard drives you sell, the bigger your ‘install base’ grows, the more failures you have.

Perhaps you are a system manufacturer that replaces failed drives with new drives in the first year of your system’s life. The failed drives are returned to you. If they are over 30 days old, in most cases they must be returned directly to the hard drive manufacturer. The hard drive manufacturer, for indirect customers, has no way of giving a refund or ‘credit’, so they send Factory Re-Certified drives back to you. These can stack up if they are not recycled back to your customers having (older) drive failures. They can be sold, but the prices they fetch are low because new drives are so affordable these days.

HDSTOR offers customized Return for Credit Programs that help our customers manage their support business efficiently. We offer ‘credit’ for defectives. This means that we give our customers a credit on their account for defective returns for a period of time ranging from 1 year to beyond the hard drive manufacturer’s warranty. The RFC Program is just one example of how we optimize your hard drive business. Let us be your hard drive expert. Let us earn your trust.