Network Attached Storage (NAS)

Network Attached Storage, a digital storage system that connects to a network via Ethernet, is a huge application for hard drives, especially for small and medium business. NAS systems enable users to backup data, share files, and access data through the internet, even when not on the network the NAS is attached to. Desktop NAS systems usually hold 8 drives or less, and have RAID technology for data protection. Because of the size of this market, and the fact that that NAS systems use RAID technology, the hard drive manufacturers have introduced drive models to ensure optimal compatibility, performance and reliability in NAS systems. Users of NAS systems need reliable drives that are simple to install and work perfectly as “always ready storage.”

Unique NAS challenges for drives:

  • Use of RAID technology
  • 24/7 operation
  • Multiple drives in one chassis

Enabling features of NAS drives:

  • 24/7 rated drive platform
  • Custom, adaptive tuning
  • Custom, factory screening
  • Low spin rate, low power use
  • Testing done with large NAS system providers

Enabling features of NAS Pro drives:

  • All the features of NAS drives, plus:
  • Enhanced recording platform
  • Better performance in some cases
  • RV feed forward sensors
  • Fixed shaft motor

System builders, integrators and OEM’s in this space need a drive with the right features to enhance the system, but have to be very focused on low cost as well, since the SMB market is very cost sensitive.

HDSTOR personnel have helped many of the largest NAS manufacturers get the most out of the hard drives in their systems. If this is your business, let us be your hard drive expert.